How can I be a website model and have a virtual room?

First you must meet the basic requirements below:

  • Computer with internet access
    Make sure your connection is broadband (3G and connections dials are not suitable). Models with faster connections have better billing on the site.

  • Webcam
    It is usually now possible to transmit using webcams from the notebook itself , however it is not recommended. A better quality camera will reflect directly on your billing. The better the image, the more customers willing to pay to see your shows.

  • Over 18
    Yes, to be a model of the proof of age is required. Remember: the site is prohibited for persons under 18 years old.

If you meet these requirements, it's time to make your model registration in our system. Just enter the address and register your account.

Remember that you will need to send an image of your document (RG, Passport or CNH), proving you are of legal age.

After your registration is complete, the approval department will check your information. You will receive a response saying whether your registration has been approved or not to start streaming your shows.