Timeline Usage Rules

Increasingly S2Cam encourages the interaction of models with users, putting new features on which, the model can post status and make replicas of qualifications, and the user can comment these posts and make the qualifications directly on the model's timeline.

These interactions aim to bring the parties together, giving the opportunity to retain the customer and create a friendly environment within the site. However, this interaction must be done with respect and never using offensive content. or bad words, which denigrate and offend any of the parts.

If the user abuses offensive comments and bad words that, in a way, attack the model, the same must contact support immediately to have it taken. take the necessary steps and not respond to these insults using the same user language.

Important - Under no circumstances the model must reply or post content that offends any user, either in response to a comment/qualification or simply in some profile post.

We consider the following acts to be misused:

  • Passing personal contacts (phone, whatsapp, skype, emails and website addresses /blogs;

  • Post fake images and/or videos (that are not of you);

  • Use profile photos with edits (phrases, names, color filters, drawings, anime, etc);

  • Use profile/gallery photos with content aggressive to some people (sex hardcore, or any other type of content that we deem aggressive);

  • Use profile photos with any type of phrase written on posters or boards, in order to draw the visitor's attention;
  • Post content prohibited by the rules in force in the country including but not limited to (scat, fisting, urination, necrophilia, incest, pedophilia, zoophilia, rape and sex involving anyone under the age of 18 years old);

  • Post offensive and disrespectful content (bad words) in profile posts, in the replies of the comments or replicas of their qualifications;

  • Post screenshots of chat screens (from the broadcast room), exposing users and what is said in the rooms;

  • use the timeline to critique the policies adopted by S2Cam or demonstrate your dissatisfaction with our conduct (we have several official support channels for this).

* S2Cam reserves the right to judge whether the photo is within the allowed or not in more specific cases.